3 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Human Pheromones

Added 5/9/2012

The extent to which scents tend to influence women has been subjected to some kind of dispute. This is especially evident to what degree some of the top-rated pheromones for men tend to effect women and men living together. With such aspects being discussed for quite some time, surprisingly there is still no evidence to certify its prominence or even deny its existence. The impact of human pheromones to captivate the senses of the opposite sex has become quite a powerful attribute in the present times. With more people looking to acquire more attention from the opposite sex, there is more interest arousing around this topic.

The popularity of pheromones has been lingering around for a long time as it can work for most people. If you’ve ever been in such a situation wanting to get closer to somebody but failing in every attempt, then you will certainly know how it feels when rejection sets in. The best pheromones are chemical compositions present in insects, animals and even human beings that initiate attraction from the opposite sex. The effectiveness of human pheromones is quite widespread as well as varied. In fact, researchers themselves have not been able to establish to what extend these can help. Several people claim that humans cannot sense pheromones and is quite negligent when it comes to human sensuality. However, many others state that a tiny sensory organ VNO is present within the nasal cavity that can create sexual attraction between two individuals.

The evidence about human pheromones is quite difficult to detect. You will need to locate such aspects by trying different products available in the market. Hence, prior to purchasing any kind of product, make sure to understand the various factors about human pheromones.

  • Popular pheromone substances are androsterone, androstenone and androstenol. These three key pheromones have been proven to be the most effective for humans. So, when looking to obtain such products, make sure that these contain at least of the above substances. The main substance that provides the most benefit is androstenone which is quite effective than the other substances. In fact, if a product does not mention its ingredients on the product, do not buy it, such compositions may not work. Make sure the product displays the essential composition, so you can check whether these substances are included in the formulation or not.
  • Human pheromones can wither, decay and become ineffective when exposed to certain specific conditions. Such aspects can happen several times, so just make sure you follow the storage instructions. The manufacturing company as well as consumer understands this concept quite well. The product can become ineffective, which can be replaced by the company.
  • Human pheromones can have negative side effects and reactions. These can alter the user’s behavior against other people around. Other than the positive reaction that brings men and women closer to each other, the negative impact can be overdose. In such conditions, people tend to feel irritated easily. This is accompanied by sudden burst of anger that is unexplainable.

So make sure to consider these factors when looking to purchase the strongest pheromones. You will certainly be able to see results when inducing into the right product and using it an appropriate way.

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